Bern 9 ft. Mahogany

5514( 4 )
3.200,00 € each


{tab=Product Description

  • cushions made of birchwood
  • sideboards and legs made of MDF
  • with drawer for storage of cues and balls
  • D.B.O. Speedball Professional rubber cushions
  • leather pockets
  • 3-pcs slate: 30mm
  • playfield: 254x127cm
  • table size: 284x157x80cm
  • required space for perfect play: 564x237cm
  • packed in 6 boxes + 3-pcs slate: 444kg

Important Information

  • included cloth
  • The color of the cloth can vary, please contact us
  • because of partial application of natural products and the different display of each monitor, we can′t eliminate some color variation

  • Product Attributes 
  • Shipping Information 

Attribute Value
Category Pool Table
Colour Mahogony
Kind Of Table Pool
Playing Field Slate
Size 9"
Game Type Pool

Delivery of your Billiard table

The stated shipping costs (180 Euro incl. VAT) apply to delivery to all destinations in Belgium (We deliver only on ground floor levels). If you want your table delivered to a different country, please feel free to contact us directly.

We will contact you within two working days after purchasing your billiard table to arrange a delivery date. The ordinary period of delivery may take between 4-7 working days. Please note that this is a curbside delivery service. Therefore, you need to make sure to have two strong assistants available on the day of delivery. We also kindly ask you to check for signs of external damage resulting from the transport and, if necessary, report it using the delivery note.

Professional set-up of Billiard tables

By request, our expert staff can deliver and set up each of our billiard tables on offer.

We explicitly recommend the set-up by our staff, as the guarantee will become void in case of problems occurring due to setting up the table on your own authority. The quality of your billiard table is determined by the quality of its set-up. For example, special tools are needed in order to perfectly align the slate, which consists of multiple parts, with the frame. Also, the table cloth must be evenly spanned – an almost impossible task for the layman.

We offer you this service for just 360 EUR per table (VAT incl.) plus shipping..

We will contact you within two working days after the purchase of your billiard table to arrange a delivery and set-up date. As we need to schedule the routes of our fitters in advance, the ordinary period of delivery may take between 1-5 weeks.

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