Our qualified team gives you support by planning and establishing your billiard room. This service begins with the product choice and by request it leads to the creation of a detailed room-concept. 

Delivery and assemblage through our professionals:

All offered tables will be delivered and assembled on demand through our professional workers. The standard lead time amounts to 1 to 5 weeks. Just send an E-Mail with delivery address and delivery date and we will keep in touch with you promptly to clarify the details. 

Table care:

We take care of all services which may accrue to your billard table during the years; may it be recovering the table with new cloth or moving the table or changing single components. Just contact our service team through phone or email.

Needed space for a billiard table

TablePlaying field
Needed space
7 Ft 200 x 100 cm 520 x 420 cm
8 Ft 226 x 113 cm 546 x 433 cm
9 Ft 254 x 127 cm 574 x 447 cm
10 Ft 294 x 147 cm 614 x 467 cm
12 Ft 356 x 178 cm 676 x 498 cm

Recommended lamp height: 85cm between bed of the table and lamp shade